It all Starts Here

The Dirty Seagulls Charity

What started out as a football side has turned into something much much more. The Dirty Gulls are a brand and a way of life. We see ourselves as blessed individuals and as our family/membership grows we have become more and more aware that we can make a difference in the world starting off here in our back garden South Africa. We have seen that we have a duty to help our country reach its full potential.

We all saw what the 2010 Fifa World Cup did to our country and its people. It brought people of all races and walks of life together, no matter your standing or your age. It made us realise that we are all South African and we are all children of this beautiful country. We saw it before in 1995 when we won the Rugby World Cup and again in 2007, it is a fact that sport is a way to bring people together.

What the Dirty Seagulls Charity aims to do is find those in the community that are making a difference in the life of others and assist them in creating a brighter tomorrow.